Delfin Pythia

Delfin Pythia is a 3rd Degree Autonomous High Priestess in the DFW area. Her focus in Shamanism, trance divination, Rune lore and magic, Tarot, and fertility magic began almost 20 years ago. She earned her High Priestess 3rd degree with the Wiccan American Tradition of the Goddess in 2008 and has had an active coven since 2013, known as Circle of Earth, Sea & Sky.

She is part of a local Seidh group called Widsith, focusing on Seidh magic, journeying and Oracle training; its background being Norse and Germanic.

She also celebrates the Heathen Wheel of the Year, and is a member of a Heathen Kindred, Hart's Hearth and is a member of the Oracular Shamanic group of Seers called, "Second Road Seidh Sisters".

She has also served as a volunteer and is a member of the 5013C Texas Local Council of The Covenant of the Goddess, where her Elder Clergy credentials were issued from. lovingly known as "COG", they also offers local 'pagan' 101 classes and put on public Sabbat rituals held in Ft.Worth.

see TXLCOG>com for classes and events.

She is also a mother of four and grandmother of fifteen and still considers herself young at heart; and with all this, also considers herself, always, a student of life.

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